how [I] stay motivated to “hit the gym”

LONG POST AHEAD and I’m sorry for that because: I’ve been crazy about fitness this 2017. I’ve always been active (I played sports growing up, I got into running at one point and I’ve enrolled in a gym since Freshman year) but never THIS active. Throughout my college life, I’ve always struggled finding the right motivation to go to the gym. I love sweating and working out but the mental push to get me to enter through those gym doors or whatever fitness activity I will be doing is where one would insert the phrase: “the struggle is real”. But lately, i’ve been super into it. I’ve made a personal resolution (not even for the new year’s a couple of months ago. Seriously, things  just happened to all fall into place) to stay fit and toned this year while gaining more mass.

Here are some ways I stay motivated to “hit the gym” at least 3-4 times a week (maybe even everyday).


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This year, I made it a goal to look and feel healthy. I’ve started this journey of eating better (more protein, less carbs, more vegetables, less soda intake… just all the good stuff) because as the saying goes, “70% of abs are made in the kitchen and not the gym”. But lets be honest, eating clean can be really difficult, especially if you’re a dormer, living off of a budgeted allowance.

I have to say though, the idea of “losing weight” is not really my concern right now because I know I am below the ideal weight for my frame and height. But right now, I don’t intend on gaining extra “fat” but rather muscle mass instead. My gym goals have been getting more toned, doing more muscle work and building strength.

I’ve been going to the gym more than I ever have my whole life. I’ve been a part of varsity teams from my freshman up until my senior year in high school  and I never really thought of going to the gym until I reached college.

For the past 3 months, I’ve been more serious about doing something physically active at least once a day from either going to the gym, running around campus or the oval, to  doing a few indoor workouts when I don’t really have the time. Other than that, I’ve also minimised my rice intake to the point where I usually don’t look for it anymore. But i do still eat a lot and you can include junk to that (pizza, ice cream, soda, mcdonalds).

Now, if you’ve met me earlier on this year, I never really had a lot of weight to lose to begin with. So losing 10 pounds is already quite significant.

With this amount of weight loss, I want to definitely gain more weight in terms of muscle mass. But I must admit, it has been difficult given the fact that it mostly depends on what you intake rather than what you do in the gym.

I want to tell everyone though that I am trying to eat more, but I don’t want to eat just to fill in those extra pounds. I want to gain the right kind of pounds if that even makes sense. I just don’t want to be judged for not eating as much when I’m out for example because I do eat, I just want to eat the right things.

I probably just have a fast metabolism as well and a relatively smaller appetite. I’m not taking drugs or any herbal teas that help me lose more weight. I’m not starving myself, heck I don’t even wait for my stomach to grumble sometimes before I eat my next snack or my next meal. I’m just naturally thin RIGHT NOW.

With that ramblings, I also just want to say that it is tiring and it is a little bit insulting to be called “skinny” every time. It’s as bad as calling someone fat. I’m 20 years old and this is my body. I don’t exercise and try to be thinner for anyone but myself. All I want to say is, right now I feel happier and better trying to be more conscious with physical activities and how I eat.