Happy Living No. 2


Amidst this afternoon’s traffic (yes, it’s that payday on a Friday kind of traffic), I still managed to get things done. In approach of midterms week and in the center of all stress and pressure, I still find the joy and pleasure to actually live life.  Below are a list of happy things I can still manage to do to give me those little sparks of joy:

  1. Sweets – I have a sweet tooth and even if it’s not the best things in the world for me, it definitely calms me down and relieves me temporarily of any stress.  Although I made it a goal to not exceed one dessert per day, it’s really that one dessert I look forward to. Limiting myself to just one sweet thing per day makes it all the more better.
  2. Working out – I love how it’s become a need. I am not addicted to the gym, I just want to get that out of the way.You won’t see me with swelling arms and legs and abs for days any time soon. I just love the feeling of sweating it all out (whatever ‘it’ may be: problems, last night’s alcohol, stress etc.) but I most especially love the feeling after. That feeling of accomplishment after a level of struggle.
  3. Goodmornings and Goodnights – It’s starting the day and ending it right that really gets me going. When you are greeted by your loved ones in the morning and close your day with a “sweet dreams” from them, you feel as if your worries can be wrapped up neatly and put aside when need be. Because of them, I feel warm and joy.
  4. Writing – As weird as it may sound, expressing my thoughts down in writing relieves me from the overflow of thoughts that fill my brain throughout the day. I express my feelings, my encounters, my worries, my imaginations, etc. Despite probably having several grammar errors here and there, the very act of writing is therapeutic. I feel like I can express myself better in writing than in speaking.
  5. Coffee – How can I not mention this? This may be a broken record for any coffee lover but coffee is my fuel. I tend to have headaches with out it. Perhaps it’s all psychological but having an Iced Latte beside me while I work in the middle of one of those “all nighter” nights motivates me to become more productive.

Happy Living No. 1

Let’s get a little personal.

About a year ago, I got really sick. I was what the doctors called a “TB Suspect” or in other words, doctors thought I may have had Tuberculosis, which is a very contagious disease in the lungs that would take months to cure. Thankfully, what caused the sharp pains in my chest and drowning feeling every day and night just so happened to be pneumonia which is half as bad only.

I mention this because during the month I was sick, I lost a lot of weight. For a 5 foot 4 inches girl, weighing 104 lbs was extremely under weight. I wasn’t anorexic or anything however, I did look sick with eyes as deep as caves, hair fall doubled in quantity and I was just pale and dull most of the time. My stomach seemed bloated despite being extremely skinny every where else and my period became irregular. Basically, my body wasn’t functioning right, even after I recovered from my illness.

I started to become more conscious with the way I looked because clothes didn’t fit me well and I’ve been getting the “you look too skinny, borderline sickly looking” lines from friends and family. I was fed up and food alone didn’t seem to do the trick.

Thankfully, a friend of mine introduced to me a new exercise regime called HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training. These are thirty minute work outs that can be done at the gym or even at home. I saw drastic results with in a month’s time and that motivated me even more. I did HIIT for about 8 weeks at least 2-3 times a week, but moved on to doing regular exercises in the gym, assisted by a very close friend of mine who has been a gym buff for a while now.

This may not be the only reason why I gained more of the right kind of mass. Perhaps my diet and metabolism also played a big role. However, this HIIT that I was introduced to jumpstarted my drive to actually care for my body both internally and externally. Currently I am 110 lbs, still under weight but at least feeling a lot healthierand more confident with my body.


I’d love to talk about my diet and fitness exercises, but that’s for another post.