It is summer vacation part 2 and it is not even summer anymore. Rain would fall almost every single day and the sun would shine only for a couple of hours before getting covered by those thick heavy clouds I’m so tired of seeing.

The 6 weeks of summer school had gone by so fast: 3 classes with a normal semester’s worth of information and knowledge stuffed into just a few weeks. It was pretty ambitious but hey, we all did it and made it. In fact, grades came out yesterday and I didn’t do so bad, I mean, I could’ve obviously done better but still: I DID NOT FAIL.

So the first week out of three weeks is just about to end and I’ve been trying to keep myself occupied. So far, I’ve gone out a couple of times with friends from high school, I’ve been to the gym several times, I ran, I “blogged”, cooked, visited my grandparents and watched a bunch of series and movies.

One might think, “Damn, Shai, you’ve got such a boring life”. But in all honesty, I enjoy this. I enjoy just ‘chilling’. I must admit, I do have those few moments  where I’d wish I was exploring or even chilling in another place, but when you’re rarely home, you appreciate just not doing anything.

At home, I am able to just relax and not stress about life as a whole. It is during these times all my creative juices are squeezed out of me and I am able to write, draw, bake, and cook!

This isn’t a healthy lifestyle to live EVERY SINGLE DAY because of course, everyone should get out there.  But for a person who’s rarely home just like me, this isn’t so bad at all