Taken in Danang, Vietnam 2015

My name Shaira Kayna but most people call me Shai. I find my second name really weird, that’s why I never use it. I was born and raised in the City of Pines, the summer capital of the Philippines and by far the only city I know of in the tropics with the most perfect climate (cool and sunny): BAGUIO CITY. I have this dream of being a very successful Lawyer (slash) entrepreneur but as of today, I am a Junior studying Legal management and hopefully minor in Marketing in the Ateneo de Manila University.

Only my boyfriend can get me to watch scary movies but I absolutely love mystery and suspense. You will always find me crying to A Walk to Remember because I am as soft as a cotton ball. But you will always find me laughing to the most ridiculous things in the world. (In other words, my humour is weird).

I will never say no to any dish with lots of cheese, especially mozzarella (That’s pizza, pasta, grilled cheese, French onion soup). I am addicted to dark chocolate and coffee, and when I say addicted, I mean it. I love salads and mongolian dishes.

I love the feeling of being foreign or being an outsider in a new place because that gives me a foundation for new discoveries and new adventures. Going to new places is what I look forward to all the time but I sure hate the process of travelling. I most especially hate plane rides (I have a fear of turbulence). I mean, someone should seriously get to work on inventing a portal transportation machine that could take you to places instantly.

You can get me to say more through writing because I was born with a ridiculously soft voice. My interests cover a wide range of things from fashion, fitness, beauty, music, and even studying and organization (yes, don’t judge me, I’m a nerd). I’m kind of obsessed with creating too (that includes baking, coloring, drawing ….. ).

My adventures, discoveries and little outbursts of creativity are what keeps me sane and what keeps me going everyday. I want to remember them all for a life time.

I write when i’m inspired and  when I’m inspired, I like to share. With that, I present to you my blog.


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