26 Years and Life Update


I am back again after another year hiatus from this blog. 

26. An even number. Officially in my “late 20s”. A year older. But who’s really counting?

A couple of weeks ago, Madeline (www.channelmaddie.com), one of my long time friends from high school, asked me to write for her blog under her “Friends of Madeleine” series. I welcomed the challenge with open arms but it got me to ask myself three questions: 

  1. Why haven’t I been blogging the way I used to before? Maybe I should start blogging again. 
  2. What do I really think of my life right now? 
  3. Where do I want to be based on how I am living today? 

It was a timely contribution to commemorate another year of life but it also sparked an old flame of mine with writing blogs and sharing my thoughts in this little safe haven I have in the internet. So given this long weekend, enhanced community quarantine situation  and time, here I am giving this another shot.

I gave my blog a little make over:

  • I changed my blog description to “This is a peek into everything and anything under the sun @ 26”
  • Updated my About Me since I realized it was still describing a college version of Shaira.
  • Included a new page called Photos of the Month which highlights my favorite moment captured by my iPhone for that month.
  • I also updated my logo but stayed true to my pastel purple palette (my favorite color, if you haven’t guessed yet). 

This is me hoping that I become more consistent with what’s becoming a seasonal hobby of mine I get into at least once a year. I won’t be so demanding of myself and I’ll keep my expectations manageable, rather than high or low.

Here’s a quick life update from the last time I posted last year: 

  • I’m finally settled in my new job as a business development officer – I realize that in this familiar yet slightly more advanced field of work I am in, I still have a lot to learn. Life at work can be so intricate and my current knowledge and understanding of things is just at the surface level. The habit of constantly comparing myself to other people’s capabilities doesn’t help either. I hope to sharpen my existing skills but at the same time learn and explore new skills I can offer in my profession.
  • The pandemic is still on going but this time I’m a little bit more accustomed to life with the virus. “New normal” is what they call it and this is it. Compared to last year, I decided to stay here in Metro Manila. Despite the skeletal work force and most recently the work from home set up, I am more resilient to the mental drain this whole pandemic dawn on you. (Don’t get me wrong, living in this Pandemic is still exhausting, I’m just a tad bit more used to this new way of life. Come on, it’s been a year and we’re still in the same place, who wouldn’t get used to it already? SAD FACTS.) 
  • I’m still trying to find ways to maintain my small cold brew business in Baguio City. I have our family’s restaurant to thank for that. I did try to launch it here in Metro Manila but this whole pandemic situation just makes the business slight more risky. I’ve weighed the pros and the cons and the latter just outweighs the other more. Thinking about this now, I guess what’s important is just trying to figure out how to potentially grow more in Baguio. 

The list ends there. The kind of year we had in 2020, life may have been restricting both mentally and physically which makes every little bit of progress or step towards anything a huge blessing in life.

I may not have made exponential growth in wealth, or achieved any sort of promotion at work or started a family of my own like many others in the year 2020 but my outlook in life shifted to a different light. At the age of 26, I’ve learned to be more appreciative of simply being alive and taking each and every day as a blessing.

Here’s me using this platform and safe haven to keep myself accountable and to appreciate every blessing that comes daily. 

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