how [I] stay motivated to “hit the gym”

LONG POST AHEAD and I’m sorry for that because: I’ve been crazy about fitness this 2017. I’ve always been active (I played sports growing up, I got into running at one point and I’ve enrolled in a gym since Freshman year) but never THIS active. Throughout my college life, I’ve always struggled finding the right motivation to go to the gym. I love sweating and working out but the mental push to get me to enter through those gym doors or whatever fitness activity I will be doing is where one would insert the phrase: “the struggle is real”. But lately, i’ve been super into it. I’ve made a personal resolution (not even for the new year’s a couple of months ago. Seriously, things  just happened to all fall into place) to stay fit and toned this year while gaining more mass.

Here are some ways I stay motivated to “hit the gym” at least 3-4 times a week (maybe even everyday).


  1. Look at “Fitsperations”

Don’t get me wrong. This is not me telling you to “go look at Alexis Ren, watch Victoria Secret’s runway shows or go sulk and mope and be sad that you can’t be as hot as other people”. No. It’s actually me telling you to be inspired by those who actually put an extra effort in trying to make themselves fit, healthy and happy.

I recommend checking out Cassey Ho ( or the Popsugar Fitness section for beginners. There’s also Kayla Itsines who has her BBG program that really jumpstarted my “fitness” journey simply because I saw results fast. Last, I just recently fell in love with Sarahs Day and her Youtube Channel. Other than the fact that I do have a weak spot for Australian accents, I do also love her attitude towards healthy living. She’s funny and very relatable (she has small boobs too!).

Not only do these girls and websites promote looking good, but they also promote the joy being more health conscious can bring. It’s a plus to look good and strong but to feel it is really the goal everyone should work for. 

I also Just want to give a shout out to my favorite local workout couple @littlemisspatricia and @thefitjuan and their blog I don’t plan on being a body builder, powerlifter or as toned and defined as them but they sure are fitsperations and they’re both cute and super friendly too (#couplegoals).  They’re posts are also very educational. 

Last, I learn more from blog posts of actual regular people who just love fitness and those who I think are relatable to some extent more than those written by trainers and coaches. There’s just something about how much you can learn more from someone you can also relate to as well.

2. Enrol in a nice and accessible gym

Let’s be real, the well equipped gyms are usually expensive (AF) but there are so many great deals you can find with seasonal promos or even coupons online. Check out

But if you really have a tight budget, which I completely understand, your school should have a gym, a couple of weights, one treadmill. You can even make use of their track which would usually have an entrance fee of at most 30 pesos only. Buy a couple of weights and do home work outs. 

Also, knowing that you paid your own money for the gym pushes you to actually go. You wouldn’t want to waste it, do you? 

3. Find a work out buddy

As much as I love the peace and quiet I get when working out alone – I get to do sets at my own pace, do my own work out, focus on the things I want to work out – a buddy to do exercises with you (to “spot you”) is a great way to keep you motivated. Create and design exercises together, research exercises together that requires partner work.It’s fun to have someone to talk to because  time would seem pass by a lot faster too. 


4. Create a work out plan 

Plan out your work out. Now, there are two options you can do. You can collect and research a bunch of work out exercises from various sources and plan out your work out for the day or week. You can also follow work out plans designed by trainers. I prefer collecting exercises from Instagram and Youtube because they’re usually creative and fun. It’s fun to mix and match exercises that focuses on target body areas of your choice. The second option usually requires a pay where you purchase and download a PDF file with your work out plan for a month or more. 

This also means creating a schedule. A lot time once a day to do a couple of exercises if you’re that hectic. Stay organized and maybe even keep a planner. 

5. Take pictures and keep track record

Being able to see improvements can motivate you all the more with the right kind of mindset. You get to see that your exercises are working therefore, you feel more motivated to keep doing it, perhaps even adding more weight or toughness to your work outs. 

6. Get a trainer

I recommend beginners to get trainers because if you’re lucky enough or with the right questions, they can explain to you the basic exercises that can propel you to be more confident in the gym. It took me a while to actually become confident working out alone. I definitely understand the fear of being judged for using equipments wrong, doing the wrong things and what not but trust me, most gym people don’t care. They’re mostly focused on themselves. (TRUST ME).

7. Create a playlist

Music can help motivate you in several ways. Creating a playlist with songs you’re familiar with can surely make time and every set of exercises pass by faster. A playlist with an upbeat tempo can surely raise the mood and pump you up. 

Here’s my “Get that pump” playlist


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