Happy Living No. 2


Amidst this afternoon’s traffic (yes, it’s that payday on a Friday kind of traffic), I still managed to get things done. In approach of midterms week and in the center of all stress and pressure, I still find the joy and pleasure to actually live life.  Below are a list of happy things I can still manage to do to give me those little sparks of joy:

  1. Sweets – I have a sweet tooth and even if it’s not the best things in the world for me, it definitely calms me down and relieves me temporarily of any stress.  Although I made it a goal to not exceed one dessert per day, it’s really that one dessert I look forward to. Limiting myself to just one sweet thing per day makes it all the more better.
  2. Working out – I love how it’s become a need. I am not addicted to the gym, I just want to get that out of the way.You won’t see me with swelling arms and legs and abs for days any time soon. I just love the feeling of sweating it all out (whatever ‘it’ may be: problems, last night’s alcohol, stress etc.) but I most especially love the feeling after. That feeling of accomplishment after a level of struggle.
  3. Goodmornings and Goodnights – It’s starting the day and ending it right that really gets me going. When you are greeted by your loved ones in the morning and close your day with a “sweet dreams” from them, you feel as if your worries can be wrapped up neatly and put aside when need be. Because of them, I feel warm and joy.
  4. Writing – As weird as it may sound, expressing my thoughts down in writing relieves me from the overflow of thoughts that fill my brain throughout the day. I express my feelings, my encounters, my worries, my imaginations, etc. Despite probably having several grammar errors here and there, the very act of writing is therapeutic. I feel like I can express myself better in writing than in speaking.
  5. Coffee – How can I not mention this? This may be a broken record for any coffee lover but coffee is my fuel. I tend to have headaches with out it. Perhaps it’s all psychological but having an Iced Latte beside me while I work in the middle of one of those “all nighter” nights motivates me to become more productive.

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