It is currently 1:29 am and I feel exhausted, physically. Three roommates of mine are fast asleep in the comfort of their blankets and pillows. He already said goodnight. So now it’s just my thoughts and I.


That’s actually the first word I thought to somewhat describe and capture what I’m thinking of right now. I have all these ideas, all these plans I want to do. I have projects in  mind, both profitable and creative.  I see all these people I know of online, doing something with their lives. Opening up businesses, travelling, trying something new. Honestly, I see a world as my canvas, waiting for me to paint on.

Yet here I am sitting on my chair, facing this white screen filled with words and words, not being able to move. Simply stuck.

It’s a pleasant thought to think that “tomorrow is a new day”, meaning, tomorrow I can start new things. I say this to myself every night, yet every time, I’m stuck in this same position with the same thoughts.

I’m sure I’m not the only one going through these thoughts every night but I sure feel like I’m the only one especially right now with everyone else asleep, with just my thoughts and I. I want to move forward, but I still feel stuck.

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