feeling or choice?

I used to think love was just a feeling.  After being in a relationship for a year now, I realised, it’s more than just an emotion and a feeling you get. It’s a choice.

If love was just simply a feeling, it could easily come and go. But after months of being with this guy I now consider my best friend, I realised, it’s that choice to be with each other, that makes this love greater than a feeling.

My friend who I debated this topic with months ago said that love being a choice just makes it more special. I didn’t agree with her then, but now I do.

There are those arguments, fights, disagreements and all the storms a relationship can possibly go through. But then you realise the value of choosing to stay and choosing to love that person despite the anger, the pain and all the tears that come along the way. It’s the fact that you choose to value the good more than the bad and choose to think that the way he makes you happy outweighs everything else that pulls you down.

It’s insane how fast a year can just fly by. It’s been a wonderful first year, baboy x


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