An Open Letter

I grew up looking up to you, both literally and figuratively because you were always this 6 ft- tall, broad shouldered man. You are the foundation of this family everyone would want to sit down and have coffee with at 8PM in the evening, right before dinner.

I envy the respect people have for you. You are bold. You are strong and intuitive.  You are responsible and witty. You are scary and stern but who you are as a husband, father, friend and grandpa makes up for it. All these traits of yours I admire so much, even as a woman.

You are witty and corny most of the time really, but you give the warmest smile in the world. You have your own discrete and subtle way of showing your affection for anyone, and it is very much noticed.  I am just happy to have you as my grandfather.

You are currently the strongest person I know right now and I hope to gain all the strength you show everyone one day.

Continue staying strong Angkong.

Love you x


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