Lately I’ve been into haltered top styles. They tend to expose the back as much as possible and typically cover majority of the front area. The upside down “V” shape these haltered tops have from the neck down to the armpits create an illusion of narrower shoulders, which I look for because I have very broad and scrawny shoulders.

This is a “spring outfit” I came up with and falls towards a more semi-formal attire. The floral skirt gives off the “spring”-ness to the outfit and I emphasized the black detailing on the skirt by pairing it with a black haltered semi-cropped top. Neutral colored accessories allow the skirt to stand out in this outfit. I think it’s nice to sometimes showcase your favorite pieces in your wardrobe by pairing it with black or white pieces and neutral colors.


Here is an outfit I wore to my morning adventure to Intramuros, Manila. I wore a similar black haltered cropped top from Topshop with printed pants from Forever 21. I paired it with black sandals from the brand Rubi in Cotton On. The printed pants are as elaborately detailed as it can get, that’s why I chose to pair it with basic colors and wore no accessories 🙂


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