Lately I’ve been into haltered top styles. They tend to expose the back as much as possible and typically cover majority of the front area. The upside down “V” shape these haltered tops have from the neck down to the armpits create an illusion of narrower shoulders, which I look for because I have very broad and scrawny shoulders.

This is a “spring outfit” I came up with and falls towards a more semi-formal attire. The floral skirt gives off the “spring”-ness to the outfit and I emphasized the black detailing on the skirt by pairing it with a black haltered semi-cropped top. Neutral colored accessories allow the skirt to stand out in this outfit. I think it’s nice to sometimes showcase your favorite pieces in your wardrobe by pairing it with black or white pieces and neutral colors.


Here is an outfit I wore to my morning adventure to Intramuros, Manila. I wore a similar black haltered cropped top from Topshop with printed pants from Forever 21. I paired it with black sandals from the brand Rubi in Cotton On. The printed pants are as elaborately detailed as it can get, that’s why I chose to pair it with basic colors and wore no accessories 🙂



It is summer vacation part 2 and it is not even summer anymore. Rain would fall almost every single day and the sun would shine only for a couple of hours before getting covered by those thick heavy clouds I’m so tired of seeing.

The 6 weeks of summer school had gone by so fast: 3 classes with a normal semester’s worth of information and knowledge stuffed into just a few weeks. It was pretty ambitious but hey, we all did it and made it. In fact, grades came out yesterday and I didn’t do so bad, I mean, I could’ve obviously done better but still: I DID NOT FAIL.

So the first week out of three weeks is just about to end and I’ve been trying to keep myself occupied. So far, I’ve gone out a couple of times with friends from high school, I’ve been to the gym several times, I ran, I “blogged”, cooked, visited my grandparents and watched a bunch of series and movies.

One might think, “Damn, Shai, you’ve got such a boring life”. But in all honesty, I enjoy this. I enjoy just ‘chilling’. I must admit, I do have those few moments  where I’d wish I was exploring or even chilling in another place, but when you’re rarely home, you appreciate just not doing anything.

At home, I am able to just relax and not stress about life as a whole. It is during these times all my creative juices are squeezed out of me and I am able to write, draw, bake, and cook!

This isn’t a healthy lifestyle to live EVERY SINGLE DAY because of course, everyone should get out there.  But for a person who’s rarely home just like me, this isn’t so bad at all



Hong Kong has become a very familiar place to me. I’ve been there… I don’t even know how many times… COUNTLESS of TIMES, since the year 2006? Every time I go there, I grow more familiar to buildings and even how to use their train system… I know where to find good, reasonably priced food as well (which is awesome) and of course where to find cheap goods and more high-end goods as well


One of my “CHAMBA” ( lucky ) shots while walking down Nathan Road or something. With a little enhancement and the perfect sunset setting, this picture looks pretty epic.


This photo isn’t edited or anything but it’s pretty much the usual MRT situation: CROWDED. If you’re claustrophobic, this isn’t the means of transportation for you. Although at midnight, trains get pretty empty so you wouldn’t even be standing up anymore because most of the seats would be available.


So this is a picture of my outfit of the day I went to Disney Land. I’ve been here probably more than 3 x already but it is a place anyone can always come back to. There are new rides now with a Toys Story theme. Fun, must-try rides. 🙂 (Btw, my leggings came for F21, the scarf from a Christmas Bazaar in Baguio and the sweater in Hong Kong because sweaters were every where during this time of the year)


This is another outfit of the day photo. This was taken at a place called “TIME SQUARE”. The Time Square of Asia. What makes it called that is the giant clock on one of the buildings in this area.


This time was actually the first time I went to this “must see spot” in Hong Kong. It’s this extremely large Buddha situated on top of a mountain. You have to ride a cable cart to get here.


Every single time I go to Hong Kong, I have to get street food. Beside your hotel, you’d probably find a little street food stall or mini restaurant at some corner. What you get are those balls (I’m not exactly sure if they’re fish or squid) boiled and cooked in some broth. It doesn’t hurt trying the other stuff as well 😛 You add oyster sauce and chilli… plus buy cream soda in the nearest mini mart and BAM! Perfect midnight snack in Hong Kong. No joke. This is a MUST-TRY.

IMG_6680Seeing such an enlarge photo of it looks pretty disgusting. But trust me guys. It is delicious.

Hong Kong is definitely one of the more mainstream places in Asia people go to but it has to be one of my favorites. There’s just so much life in one city and I am all up for a busy metropolitan setting.